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words as medicine

Getting Burnt Out By A Life That You Love

“How can I feel this way?”—you might ask yourself when you feel more frustration than joy about the people and projects you love most. How could something you love so deeply suck the life right out of you? Then the shame sets in. HOW COULD YOU EVER tell anyone this...

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What It Takes To Get Back Up

Finding yourself face-first on the ground, spitting out gravel, tasting blood, maybe even missing a tooth—it’s not fun. Whether literally or figuratively, when life knocks you to your knees and then kicks you flat for good measure, you’ve got some choices to make....

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Battle-Worn Beauty

Dear Second-Half-of-Life Women, I saw a photo of myself today, in the kind of lighting that showed the new wrinkles, creases and gravitational pull that is part this chapter of life. And . . . I saw within myself, finally, the kind of beauty I have seen in other...

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When Will You Know Who You Are?

Some of us feel perpetually unfinished, halfway between where we were and where we want to end up. As disconcerting as it can be, I believe THIS is who we actually are—the perpetually unfinished, the constantly becoming, the never-dried-out lumps of clay. A quick...

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10 Reasons to Stop Betraying Yourself Immediately

You already know this but—you’re stealing life from yourself when you betray your own path and turn your back on who you are. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment, friend. What are the ways you might be betraying yourself? There are many ways I’ve done it and...

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The Messy Holiness of Uncertainty

Uncertainty sucks. Except when it doesn’t.  Uncertainty is exhilarating and motivating. Except when it isn’t. Uncertainty has been my most complicated relationship - she's been both my best friend and my most annoying foe, persistently knocking at the door, where...

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Words as Weapons or Words as Medicine

Hello and welcome to my new website and my new blog. It’s strange and beautiful, after my long writing career, that I am here writing a FIRST blog post. But this is it. My first blog post on this brand new blog. And I want to tell you what this blog is for…what...

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Self-Respect Is the New Self-Care

Okay, so I wrote that title because everyone is always saying THIS is the new THAT - and so I knew it would capture your attention. But the thing is…self-respect has ALWAYS been the way to self-care. Self-respect has ALWAYS been the way to self-love, too. Self-Care...

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