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words as medicine

Be Thankful for the Rock Hard Places that Wake You Up

Dear Dedicated Girl, Sometimes you just have to decide that you have had enough. Sometimes you just have to make that completely solid decision that enough is enough and that things absolutely, positively have to change....and you have to make that decision before...

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You Get to Choose What You Feed and What You Starve

Dear Benevolent Girl, You can imagine that there are parts of your life and your body that will be there as long as they are still being fed....and once they stop being fed, they will wither away and die. Now, dear friend, this is good news and it is harsh news as...

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Do You Ever Wonder Where the Authentic You Went?

Dear Valuable Girl, Beautiful Friend, do you ever sometimes wonder where YOU went....you know, the real, authentic you? That is a painful question to ask, and to feel....because when we get to the point that we are actually asking that question, we already feel so...

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It’s the Little Things That Make the Heroes

Dear Dazzling Girl, One kind person can make such a difference. One compassionate hand placed on a hand in distress can make such a difference. One phone call, one thank-you note, one sweet text message can make every bit of difference. One job well done, one child...

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Uncover Your Dreams and Believe in Them Again

Dear Wise Girl, You know so much more than you think you know. You just have to remember it. There's so much wisdom in that amazing heart of yours that just needs to be reminded and listened to and encouraged to speak out. Think about when you were a little girl....

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