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Soul Restoration

Stop believing the lies and the labels! Your unique story is worthy of celebration. I want to help you rediscover your core identity so you can reunite with your own soul and unleash the courage and motivation to live in truth. Get started on this journey today!






Closing for Restoration

Learn how to silently distance yourself from the negative influences affecting your life so you can hear your own truth.


Distinguishing Truth vs. Lies

Learn how to identify the authentic truth in your life and eliminate the lies and illusions that sabotage your peace and happiness.


Releasing Past Decisions and Experiences

Learn how to release the negative feelings resulting from past decisions and hurtful experiences so they no longer have power in your life.


Making and Keeping Boundaries

Learn how to determine the amount of space you need between yourself and another person to be able to have a healthy relationship.


Restoring Your Power

Learn how to identify and eliminate habits that make you feel powerless and how to create new behaviours that will help you overcome challenges and empower you to move forward.

Experience Soul Restoration

I have guided thousands of human beings across the world on this epic adventure. It’s like going on a rescue mission—to find and rescue yourself. I want you to experience this heroic journey too—to see that you are equipped to get through life with your own personal wisdom and live the life that you are uniquely meant to live.

What robs you of peace?

Imagine your soul as a house. Over the years of your life, what kind of condition has your soul house taken on? Maybe harsh self-criticisms have smashed the decor… maybe toxic relationships have sprayed graffiti on the walls… perhaps painful experiences have been stuffed into the basement. 

You are weary, you are disconnected, and it’s hard to see the way forward—your soul house doesn’t even feel like your own anymore.

What puts your soul house into this state of disrepair? The answer is simple:


It is the Truth that will restore you.


Soul Restoration changed my life. This class was better than any therapy I could ever go through. I still turn to the projects and coursework when I hit difficult times!


I had no idea when I signed up for Soul Restoration that it would transform my life. It did!

Rose Marie

I was lost in a sea of shame from past hurts. Then came Soul Restoration. The art we made softened my heart. The tender talks opened me up.

Sami Jo

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Soul Restoration, the flagship course by Melody Ross, is a self-paced, month-long curriculum of powerful video lessons, insightful exercises, journaling activities, and elective projects.

You don’t need to change – but to restore back to who you have always been. Learn how to access your deepest wisdom and reunite with your own soul, to discover the courage and motivation to live your truest life.