I looooove jewelry…..and I have TONS of it….now I’m not talking about the valuable, expensive gemstones, diamonds and precious metals kind…..I’m talking about super fun costume jewelry that is colorful and funky and a little work of art in itself……

Sooo…..I can not stand to get rid of it, so I keep it forever…and I also can not stand to PUT it away. I love to look at it!!! Here’s a sweet little idea that you can implement with stuff you probably already have around the house….

Turn your jewelry into wall art!

So this is an old white frame I had….it has been in my garage with an inch of dust keeping it cozy…I brought it in…cleaned it up, took all the glass and backing out…and then painted the top of it yellow. THEN…I just added a necklace and a brooch…and I used that sticky blue stuff that holds everything but doesn’t leave a mark…so I can change it out whenever I want to!

Here are some more ideas…

Put your pretty brooches on a black background with a colorful frame and they will be beautifully showcased…this is another ugly old 90’s looking frame that I had…I painted it, Mod Podged and antiqued it…..now I love it!

This one is just a scrap of wood I found in my husband’s stash…then I Mod Podged fabric onto it, and painted a little design to showcase whatever necklace I am going to hang from the pretty brass nail I tacked into the top of it…easy peasy!!

Here’s one more simple idea……using a shadow box lid…but you can just use a frame with glass, too….it’s kind of cool to have the stuff on the OUTSIDE instead of the inside…

So you’ll need a shadow box or frame, some old jewelry (I used a bracelet and a brooch) and some pretty paper or fabric to put inside:

Now…just put the fabric or paper into the back of the frame or shadow box…I actually just put it on the wall with the tack that I put into the wall to hang it by…then I used the above mentioned blue sticky stuff to tack the corners down…then I hung the frame part on the same nail…….and put the jewelry on with the blue sticky stuff!! You could use hot glue or E6000 or Gorilla Glue if you want to make it more permanent…but me, I like change!! This is so easy to switch around….and I can also continue to wear the jewelry when I use the blue sticky stuff!!!!

Here’s how it looks when it’s done:

Give your jewelry the attention it deserves!!! YAY FOR JEWELRY that is WALL ART!!