me, Jo Packham, Loralee Choate, and Kathy

So…..something really wonderful happened about a month ago. The timing was impeccable…the motivation was…well, motivating.

I got an email from Jo Packham, the creator of Where Women Create Magazine, and other magazines…and one of the creators of The Creative Connection Event…and, because I am speaking at this year’s event in Minneapolis, and teaching too…she wanted to feature my creative space as an artist. WELL, I have moved ALL of my art work, all of my supplies, everything to the new Brave Girl Clubhouse….and so it is our studio….where we ALL work…so awesome! By the way…do you know about this awesome event? Like I said, I will be speaking and teaching at this event…I went last year and it is absolutely incredible!

Anyway…she wanted to come into town to shoot our studio for a 10 page spread in her magazine. Well……we had JUST moved into 2000 sq. feet of concrete. NOTHING was done except a whole lot of stuff piled all over the place ready to find a home. We had exactly 3 weeks to finish before the big photo shoot. We also had a million other things going on, including recording an album, working on our online classes, a cruise for our alumni, and the regular day-to-day business of our family and work life. BUT WE KNEW WE COULD PULL IT OFF…so we did.

In early August, you will be able to see our spread in the magazine. It will be beautiful and wonderful and funky and fun. And…we are pretty sure that you will be as amazed as we are at what we accomplished in just those 3 weeks. It is truly miraculous and awe inspiring and we could NOT have done it without a ton of help from people we love and adore and appreciate.

It was super fun and the photographer shot photos for THREE HOURS STRAIGHT. Very exciting. By the way, Jon Ball is an exceptional photographer. 🙂

Yeh, I am a dork. I know already. 🙂 I was kinda giddy. 🙂

We had a blast the whole time, really….it was very surreal…the whole thing….being done with the “clubhouse” as we lovingly call it was a dream come true…having the gals there was a dream come true….all of it was just FUN FUN FUN and we can’t wait for the magazine to come out! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

We loved sharing our INCREDIBLE new space with them. Wish we could show you more…but you will have to wait until the magazine comes out!

We also went shopping at our favorite store…and

out for sushi…..

we are always looking for an excuse to go out for sushi.

We showed them the beautiful city of Boise and we had a wonderful evening together…chatting, laughing….eating!

Be sure to look for this magazine at your local bookstore…I buy it at Barnes and Noble…but look for it wherever you can find it! It’s going to be an awesome issue!

We feel SO HONORED to have had this wonderful opportunity! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to our friends, Jo and Loralee for coming and spending a few days with us…it made us get our beautiful space done in WARP SPEED and wonderful things happen here at our clubhouse now….we can’t wait to share our magical haven with the world.