I had an experience a month or so ago that I am glad that I documented with my camera. It was a huge A-HA moment that caught me by surprise, but that filled me with so much joy that it changed my heart…reminded my heart…reminded ME that this whole big huge world is designed in such a way that if we look hard enough, we can feel utter bliss almost all the time. And…on the flip side, if we look hard enough…we can feel other things that are not so fabulous too. Essentially……if we really want to, we will find whatever we are looking for…we just will. I know I blogged about SEEing in a different way last month….but I am learning so much about seeing every day!

I was doing a photo shoot, setting up some letters…not the ones up there…I put those up after I realized what was happening, it was some other word….and in the background…..all blurred out…I caught a glimpse of my guitar, my vintage green couch and cream chair……my stuff all over the place….and the deepest part of myself heard the word “HEY!” and I said “HUH?” it said “HEY, do you SEE that even though it’s been hard…your dreams are coming true? Do you SEE that you finally started playing the guitar this year, that you are working independently as an artist full time and that you are sitting on your floor in your studio RIGHT now deciding what you will do this day?”

(sometimes I get so busy trying to get to where I am going that I forget to look at where I AM…sound familiar?)

“Do you SEE that you are surrounded by fabric scraps and paper scraps and paint colors and all of your favorite things?”


Well, I promise I heard that….as crazy as it sounds….and I’m so glad I did. I looked around at exactly where I was…and what I was doing.

And…I want you to know something….when we started Brave Girls Club…and DECIDED to CALL IT BRAVE Girls Club…..it was because I am a very scared person. I am a worrier. I am scared of almost everything. That is one side of me…the other side of me is the side that wants to live life in full color, the side that has big dreams and big ideas and wants to have fun and enjoy life……and so those sides fight all the time…because really…there’s a whole lot that you can be afraid of…if you go looking for things to be afraid of. EVERY DAY I have to decide whether I will choose to be a scared girl or a brave girl. Brave Girls Club is was not formed because of our enormous bravery…but because we WANT to choose bravery, every day. SOOOO, I saw my bracelet that I have to wear as a reminder…….and it REMINDED me again. That here I am.




I can open the door to my studio any time of any day and see this…..beautiful colors everywhere…paint….my soul stuff…..how could I ever have a bad day when I choose to SEE this?

I want to live in the forest, in the mountains, next to the water. Currently, I live in the back of a subdivision in a regular house. It is lovely. I am thankful. I love our home…but a part of me longs to be in the forest, near the water…….

5 minutes from my house is a trail that has been there forever. I have been too “busy” to SEE this trail. This year, out of my yearning for the forest and for nature and for water….and after my husband made me walk this trail one day…..I have been walking this trail at least once a week. I didn’t HAVE TO WAIT to SEE the forest or the water or all of the things that are there. I get to see it now. It has been rightย  in front of my face all along. It not OURS. It is a public place. But….I have been waiting to see it, until it was exactly what I had in my mind…our own little place. NOW I GET TO SEE IT EVERY DAY IF I WANT TO.

And it is winter. And…from far away…the trail looks muddy and bleak. IF that’s what you are looking for…that’s what you will find. Mud, gray…..bare trees….greyish silver water running through the river.

but then here and there, there are beautiful little surprises that often we just walk right past……….unless we are looking for them. Little surprises that can make a dark day into a bright one if we take time to stop and see them.

spots of beautiful chartreuse green moss mixed with rusty orange colors…..with a backdrop of perfect dark bark…….what is this for except to be beautiful and to bring joy into our lives….really?

We can see the cold cold cold white snow…..and we can see how beautiful it is falling on the water.

this might look like a dead old tree…but Winter always leaves beautiful little seed pods…and look how luscious they are when a dusting of snow has fallen on them!

And then there’s the evergreens…..the plants and trees that just stay green no matter what…..they just do…so diligent….just like us…..rain or shine, cold or warm, sunny or dark….they stay green.

Just look….there is SO MUCH TO SEE.

So are we seeing a cold and bleak Winter? Or are we seeing the essential change of seasons….the rest time for the plants and for us….the time when the leaves have been shed and it’s time to get ready for the brand new ones to grow in….time to sit at home by the fire and remember what a great year it’s been….and what miracles brought us to where we are now….and what we can work on next year….

and see the way that so many things that look like tears….drops of tears…are actually more beautiful pieces of art for light to be reflected through…..do you see how this picture above would not be the same…not be as filled with light without the drops……isn’t it such a beautiful world?

So….HEY!!! HEY YOU!!! What are you seeing???? SEE IT!! SEE IT!!! SEE IT!!! Miracles everywhere…and starting tomorrow…a whole month of miracles here on the blog….it is going to be AMAZING.