One big thing I have learned, over and over again…is how many of us have been told the same awful lies. Here’s one that keeps showing up, for so many of us. Once, when we were kids, we didn’t know there were special “rules” that someone, somewhere made up…and so we started believing this doozy…..(maybe someone mean even said it right to our face!)

Lies are awful and rotten. Some of them hurt us for the rest of our lives. Some of them destroy our confidence. Some of them show up EVERY SINGLE TIME we are trying to make a decision. Some of them keep us from doing the VERY THINGS we were created to do.

One thing I know FOR ABSOLUTELY SURE is that EVERY one of us was made with the desire to CREATE. It is in our being…it is who we are. We all have a drive in us from when we were children to use our hands, our imagination, our eyes, our ears….anything we can find…to MAKE SOMETHING THAT DID NOT EXIST BEFORE WE MADE IT.

I started young young young and I never stopped. I knew before I was 5 that I had to make things……and I made things constantly…..I never stopped. I made clothes and poems and complicated roadways in the dirt. I made things out of sticks and napkins and dead flowers and I created characters in my head that didn’t exist before I thought them up. I made weird recipes and I made up songs and I drew doodles on everything. I always knew I was an artist. I watched my friends at school do it too………then we all grew up and I still kept drawing and painting and writing and dreaming and lots of my friends stopped. THEY WOULD SAY….”I am not creative” “I am not good at art” …… the older I got…the more sure the adults would sound about how they absolutely, positively were not creative. This has always perplexed me. I would think…..”did you not make breakfast this morning?…did you not put that outfit together?..did you not decide how the string of minutes in the last 24 hours constructed YOUR day?”  EVERYONE is ALWAYS creating things that did not exist before they created them.

I just kept making stuff. I have made so much ugly stuff that you could never begin to count it. I painted over it, or made it into something else. I still make ugly stuff all the time. I still have an idea in my head that turns out so bad when I try to turn it into something real…..but I just keep going.Sometimes I put it away for a few days or weeks…and sometimes I just let it be what it wants to be and I let go of what I wanted it to be. Sometimes those end up being the most beautiful things of all.

I started selling art in my 20’s. I had a design business that stretched the world over before I was 30. By the time I was 40….I had designed thousands of things that sold on shelves all over the world………but still…..the lie…..”YOU ARE NOT A REAL ARTIST” would show up from time to time. What is a REAL artist anyway?

I want to beg YOU to sign up for BRAVE GIRL ART SCHOOL….or at least check it out. We have almost 1000 students right now. Miracles are happening…….beautiful souls just like you and me and calling this lie’s bluff. We are learning incredible techniques and we are doing beautiful art. (yes, I know I am doing the teaching, but I am also learning so much from all of you!) We are deciding that PERFECTION is against the rules and that this is about learning, playing, supporting, appreciating and being patient. This is about trying and being mercifully good to our tender selves and to others while we learn.

If you have EVER been that girl who wanted to be creative…to feel creative….to make things and create things and even wished you could be “A REAL ARTIST” … come and give this a try….

because you know what an artist is? It is someone who makes art.

And guess what…YOUR LIFE IS YOUR ART. So….we are all artists. We are having a blast sharing on the special Facebook page…we are having a blast learning the hundreds of new, easy, simple techniques with step by step instructions and videos. There is no judgment…we are all equals….we are all learning. You belong. You fit in. You will be loved….

Come on…we are missing you and can’t wait for you to join in. Only a few more days left to sign up. We miss you!!

Just take a look into it, beautiful you. Time to look that lie in the face and start making beautiful things. There are over 100 videos and so much more to go. You have until the end of the year to watch and learn and make wonderful friends from all over the world who are doing this along with you. (CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS + A SHORT LITTLE VIDEO)

Sending you SO MUCH LOVE and can’t wait to see you in the classroom.