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How DO you go out and be amazing????
Well…you tell us! We want to know what you are deciding to do in spite of obstacles and objections and critics and trials and cellulite and mean employers and rebellious teenagers and bad traffic and doctor bills and mistakes and lack of resources and, and, and….

We know that there’s a million reasons, a million excuses NOT to go out and be amazing, but we know that you are choosing to go out an be amazing anyway.

So maybe they told you that it was a dumb idea…..but you decided to KEEP BELIEVING IN IT ANYWAY

Maybe they told you that you would never be able to change, maybe you told YOURSELF that….maybe the signs pointed to a caged life….but….you decided to FLY FREE ANYWAY

Perhaps you wish your voice was as pretty as the girl next to you…maybe someone even said you can’t really sing…..but you wanted to sing it LOUD so you KEPT SINGING ANYWAY

Then there’s forgiveness…..and there might be a chance that you believed that you could never forgive that horrible thing that happened…or the people who were involved…or even God. It was hard, but you chose to FORGIVE ANYWAY

You fell down once, maybe even twice. It hurt. It has taken such a long time to get it all going again…..but you are amazing….so you KEEP TRYING ANYWAY

There were probably voices that said your dreams were too big, or you were not qualified, or that you had your head in the clouds….but you were brave and YOU KEPT SHOOTING FOR THE STARS ANYWAY

Some people might think you are kind  of a freak. You wear your hair in funky ways, you listen to funky music…you totally stand out. You decided that you were BORN to stand out…and you go out and BE YOURSELF ANYWAY

You burned dinner last night. You have a full day today and none of your favorite clothes fit. There’s negative stuff going on all around you. But you see the big picture…all of the goodness and abundance around you…you see that the roses are worth the thorns….and you choose to BE HAPPY ANYWAY

You are afraid of starting over. You are scared of all of the changes going on in your life. But you want that life that is burning in the heart of your soul…..you want it so bad, that you swallow the fear and you LET IT GO ANYWAY

You know you could stop and count all of the reasons that you can’t, or you shouldn’t, or that it won’t work, or that it’s not possible…..but….YOU CHOOSE to go out and BE AMAZING ANYWAY.

SO tell us now….what are you going to DO ANYWAY??
Tell us, tell us…please please please!!! When we show each other what we can do, and that we WILL DO, and what we ARE DOING. We can all keep going out and DOING IT ANYWAY! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!

Put it in our comments……or take one of our photos above and write your own blog post about it and we will link back to your blog…….make sure that if you love Brave Girls Club, you tell everyone you know about it, ok??? We want every woman in the world to feel free to GO OUT AND BE AMAZING.