There is great genius and great power in doing what you can with what you have…….especially when the goal is to make something awesome that didn’t exist until you molded into something with the raw materials of your own life. We can do that as a society too…..

Brave Girls Club - don't forget that life's goodness is on your side

Whatever ends up happening, whatever comes up….however things turn out…..we all have the power to do what we can with what we have. It would be really cool if we decided to do that together.

What is the alternative? fear. stagnation. resignation. separation.


Again I will say….don’t get so distracted by weirdo negativity and ridiculous power-play shenanigans that you forget that there is a WHOLE LOT that you can do from right where you and with exactly what you have. Love and goodness will always be the biggest force of power that there is. Love on the people around you…remind them of all of the good things that they can do and the good things that they are. Cooperate! Collaborate! Gather! Take good care of each other….make beautiful things and figure out solutions to problems that are around you. Do it with a grateful and happy heart. SEE EACH OTHER! Be fierce in fighting for what you need to protect but don’t let ANYTHING EVER make you feel like you are powerless.

I am not powerless brave girls club

Focus on what you CAN do and forget about what you can’t do. There’s no time to sit and think about what can not be done….just focus on what you can do. What if we all just go to work on what we CAN DO instead of sat paralyzed by what we can not do?

I believe in you, I believe in me. I believe in all of us as a human family.

melody ross