Hello old friends…and new ones….

I said goodbye to Facebook today…at least for a while. There are lots of reasons, but the biggest reason is that I need to make some big changes…and going off of Facebook for a while feels like one of the best ways I can facilitate those changes.

Wow, it has been too long since I did this old fashioned blogging thing.


I remember when I used to blog at least a few times a week…and I don’t think I’ve even blogged a few times a year. My heart is telling me to go back to the old school ways…so here I am. I am gonna start blogging again. I started writing in legal pads, longhand again….just paper and pen. I am working on doing LOTS of things in the old ways…..craving simplicity, humanity and connection. Craving less screen time and more time face to face and heart to heart and soul to soul. There are a lot of people I want to get to know face to face.

I don’t know how much I will blog. I hope it’s a lot….but I am not going to commit to anything. I am not going to try to write something epic every day. I am just going to come on here and connect…..talk about just real life, simple life.

We are going to be making some big changes around here at Brave Girls Club…changes that have been a long time coming and have needed to be made. We are all super excited about it. By summer, we will have a new name (Brave Girls Club will just be a division of a new parent company that will hold meaningful tools for women, girls AND men and boys)  and an expanded but laser focused mission. It’s what we’ve been doing, but we will begin really focusing on just the stuff that is really making a difference for you all (and for us!!)…..and then more of that. We are all so happy about it! I know you will be too.

The last few years have changed me, restored me, refined me, broken me, put me back together and taught me. Because I am a different person than I was…..I am going to be doing things a little differently. I guess that is what growth is…right?


The world is in a tough place right now. We all need each other so much. We are dedicated to showing up for ALL of our sisters and brothers across the globe……and doing what we can to create a safe place to figure things out for everyone who needs a place like that…and to connect more deeply….and to be together well. And to HAVE FUN. We all need some fun in our lives as we work through the complicated issues at hand. So…expect lots of fun!

I am in the process of a reinvention of myself…and we are in the process of a reinvention of this beautiful business. I will be blogging about the process of my reinvention…just the everyday stuff that is happening and that I’m learning and doing as I go into the wisdom years and embrace my age, my place as the matriarch of my family….and go from a personal place of self-help stuff to world-help stuff. (and all of my maps that I’ve made along the way of how I got here will always be a part of what we are doing…so self-help is definitely not on the chopping block!)  I am so thankful for all of the healing that I’ve experienced in the last decade…and I’m ready to just serve the world now that I’m healed. I’m becoming who I was always meant to be, every day….just like you are. That’s what I will be blogging about. Just the day by day stuff…I hope you’ll join me….this old school way.

We are grandparents now….sure makes everything feel really important.


So much love to you all….whether you’re new around here or whether you’ve been with us for all of these years…..I love you and appreciate you so much.


melody ross

december 1, 2016

I will also be on Instagram where you can find me at melodyrossbravegirl

…and of course we have our awesome Insta page bravegirlsclub too!