I wonder how many people hold back their happiness because it might offend others?…I wonder how many stop dancing on the roof over great things because they’re getting dirty looks (even though EVERYONE is invited to come and dance on the roof, too)…I wonder how many people give up their dreams completely because once they reach the finish-line, no matter how hard they have worked (and everyone was invited on this race, too!)….somebody is there saying “HOW DARE YOU GO THROUGH THAT FINISH LINE! HOW DARE YOU SCREAM WITH JOY WHEN YOU FINALLY MAKE IT THERE!”


Doesn’t make much sense.

Brave Girls Club - focus on what is beautiful and true

My challenge to you is to keep trying, keep fighting, keep working at it, keep your head up, keep praying, keep caring, keep listening, keep on keepin’ on, stay strong, stay YOU, stay HAPPY whenever you get the chance to be happy…because life is tough…it’s just flat-out hard…and mean, and cruel….and when you’re KEEPIN’ and TRYIN’ and STAYIN’….you sure deserve a beautiful day in the sunshine, with a big grin on your face once in awhile….and I will be the first to hug you tight and say I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUR HAPPINESS….because I know what it takes to KEEP HAPPY, TRY TO BE HAPPY and to STAY HAPPY…..and I’m not going to let anybody steal that away anymore…and I hope you won’t either….

There’s enough happiness to go around…it’s not going to run out…there’s enough and more for everyone. AND, it grows…it’s contagious! SO, don’t let ANYONE ever tell you that it’s not OK, it’s not WONDERFUL for you to be happy, to see your dreams come true…to have things go just right once in awhile….to be rewarded for hard work…to just finally be AT PEACE….

…..because it’s all just part of the journey…and when you have a smooth stretch in the road (especially after years and years and years of bumps and hurdles and mudpits and mountains), it’s a gift, enjoy it…you’re supposed to enjoy it…it would be terrible if you didn’t.

Brave Girls Club - Let's All Have A  Happy Day

SO, I am declaring TODAY that I WILL NOT back down from what I’ve learned….that we are all here to learn to be happy….and that the more of us who CHOOSE joy and happiness, the better the world will be!

Let’s be GOOD to each other.