It’s hard to lift yourself off of the ground and get back to it… just is. Whether something was taken from you, or whether you quit or gave up, or whether time just passed by until you lost track…it’s hard to get back to it. There are a million reasons why it’s hard…..and some of us have been stuck for days…some for hours, some for years. But we must love ourselves enough to begin again…..and not live as if we are dead….but live as if we are alive….knowing and remembering that this day is an enormous gift meant for us to be able to start over as soon as the sun rises and call it a day when the sun goes down, knowing that the sun comes up again tomorrow for yet another new chance. Please love yourself enough to begin again. You are worth whatever it takes to live, to thrive…to step back into life with your head held high and your heart full and your soul ready.

Brave Girls Club - Love Yourself Enough To Begin Again