Dear Beautiful Souls….

The Holidays can be a rough time because they trigger so many emotions and memories….so many expectations that turn to disappointments.

If you find yourself being on the other side of behavior that feels mean or vindictive or harsh or defensive or argumentative…..try to remember to let others own their actions and their words. Sometimes things we do or say are triggers to other’s unhealed wounds….wounds that have nothing to do with us…but are simply unhealed….and often people will try to punish us for those wounds that were there long before we were…just because we may have innocently and unknowingly triggered those old wounds.


So don’t get sucked into all of that, and instead just lovingly let others own their own stuff……and make sure you own yours too…..the key to soul freedom is to own your behavior, your reactions and your thoughts….and to let others own theirs.

LOVE AND JOY TO ALL OF YOU! Keep being brave!