Dear Moving-Forward Girl,

Sometimes we wait and wait and wait for a hero to come and save the day…or to save our life…or to fix things…or to rescue us…or show us the way…or give us our value…or be the person that finally makes us feel complete.

But you don’t have to wait, beloved girl. You shouldn’t wait….because you are capable and smart and strong and brave.

It is wonderful to have people alongside you in life…it is an enormous blessing when people come and help when times are tough…sometimes people will come along and save you from things that could hurt or kill parts of you. It’s wonderful when that happens, but it won’t always happen, and you don’t have to wait around for these things to happen to you.

You can be your own hero. You can rescue yourself. You can work with your Creator to create miracles in your life. You can be your own hero today.

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You can do it.

You are so very loved.