Dear Peace Loving Girl,

It seems like we all should know this, yet we forget so easily…that worrying about something takes just as much time as not worrying about it does, yet it saps us of all of our energy and joy and hope. So why do we spend so much time worrying when things would have turned out the same way whether we worried about it or not?

It is a hard habit to break, but we really can stop worrying. Not worrying leaves a big hole of time and energy that must be filled with something else before the worrying fills it back in. We can spend our thinking time focusing on what we want, what we have and what we love…and fill every one of our seconds with that. Or, we can open the door to worries and let those worries scream so loud that we can’t hear anything else. Whatever we are worrying about is going to remain the same and turn out the same whether we spend time worrying about it or not.

If we really are worried about something significant…the best way to ease the worrying is to get up and do something. Action kills fear. Gratitude kills worries. Serving others kills self-loathing. Working toward something good while thinking about good things kills the worries.

So, dear friend. Let’s choose. Worrying is waaaay harder and more painful and less productive than not worrying. Let’s remember to remember this.

Be still, all is well…..and everything is going to be okay.

You are so very loved.