Dear Feeling Forgotten Soul,

Please listen close, friend, Okay?

No matter what broken people have told you, no matter what broken parts of yourself have believed…you are good. You are so so so very good. You are made of goodness.

It is hard to live in a world that is full of measuring sticks of all kinds. It is hard to know whether we are doing it right and whether we are the ones who determine how things go for us. It is hard to try and try and try and not always have things turn out the way we thought they would, isn’t it?

Life is hard enough without us making our own measuring stick to determine our own worth, or whether we are any good are not. Please hear me loud and clear, fellow soul….YOU ARE GOOD. And there is NOTHING that can EVER EVER EVER change that. What you have done or not done does not make you good or bad. What has happened to you does not make you good or bad. Who you are with does not make you good….the size or age of your body does not make you good….the size of your bank account does not make you good…..YOU ARE JUST GOOD. You always have been. Please don’t ever let anything or anyone make you think or feel anything different than that.

Be good to you. No matter what broken people or broken situations or broken beliefs have told you…you don’t need to be “good enough”…because you are just plain good.

And you really are so very loved.