Dear Inspiring Girl,

Willingness is so important. Do you think you could just try try try to be willing this week to take chances…to hear someone out….to let something be….to let things work themselves out…to learn something new that you may not have been willing to believe in before? Just be willing, that’s all. It’s such an important first step to take when things seem so far out of reach.

So…if you are up to it…please be willing to let change happen, be willing to trust, be willing to forgive, be willing to try something new, be willing to see yourself in the beautiful ways that others see you, be willing to accept love, be willing to give of yourself, be willing to believe in your dreams, be willing to believe in the path that is meant just for you. Be willing to believe that there are unseen hands helping you along every single day. Be willing to believe in yourself.

Yellow with Aqua Flowers - try it out


Doesn’t that feel good? It feels good because there is so much truth wrapped around it….and it all started with just being willing to believe it.

You are loved so much more than you could ever imagine.
You really are.