Dear Fabulous, Amazing, Terrific Girl,

Who was it that told you that you aren’t just right exactly as you are? Where did the belief come that you have to work extra hard to belong, to fit in and to be allowed to have peace in your heart about yourself? Who told you that you have to run faster and faster and faster and that you still might not make it to where you are going? Who told you that you need to change? Where did you get the message that you are a disappointment when you aren’t doing things perfectly?

Yes…there are voices screaming those messages all around us. But please, dear friend, please look at where those voices are coming from. Are they coming from mouths and hearts and souls who really know you and care about you? About YOU as an individual? Do those voices really even know you and who you are and what you are about?

Wooden sign says hello beloved in flowers

One of the funny things about life is that we often believe the one negative voice that is surrounded by the hundreds of positive ones. Please believe the people who love you, the people who know you, the people who want what is best for you…..and let go of any other voices that don’t speak the truth. Even let go of the voices that speak the partial truth but then season it with a few painful jabs here and there that only cause discouragement and doubt. Stick to the truth.

Yes, stick to the truth. The truth is that you are beloved…and that there is nothing you have to do to earn that or to fight for it or to maintain it. You are beloved. Right here, right now. You always have been and you always will be….and that is something that you can count on.

Please believe it.

You are so very loved.