Dear Desiring Soul,

It is such an enormous gift that we get to choose where we spend our time, who we spend it with and what we spend our time doing. Even if we feel trapped in certain circumstances, we have choices within those circumstances. We are not powerless.

Sometimes we think it is the job of others to help us be happy…or even to make us happy. Once we are grown, it really is our very own job to make the choices that bring happiness.

We need to let others off the hook when it comes to our own happiness.. We also need to let ourselves off the hook when it comes to the happiness of others.

We each have the power to enjoy the beauty all around us. We have the power to be grateful. We have the power to create a beautiful life. We have the power to choose happiness, no matter what is happening with others or happening in the world. You deserve to be happy, dear soul, everyone does.

You are so loved.