Dear Wonderful Soul,

It might be hard these days to feel special or unique or different or relevant when there is so much information available about everything and everyone all the time.

It might be hard to feel like we could ever possibly make a mark or make a difference or make a unique life. It would be easy to simply give up and think, “what’s the point of trying to do anything these days…a million others are already doing everything I want to do.”

Clever friend, LISTEN UP. NO ONE has ever existed on this earth who is just like you – and THAT is your superpower.

There has never been someone who has your exact ideas, mixed with your exact skills, mixed with your exact personality, mixed with your exact style, mixed with your special way of doing things, mixed with your story and your gifts and your hard-won soul wisdom. NO ONE. Do you see how important you are, how important your life is?

So please go out and do those things that only you can do. If you do not do those things, they will never be done and that would be an awful shame — for you and for all of us.

Be brave…we need the best of you.

You are so very loved.