Dear Overwhelmed Girl,

When everything is overwhelming, dear friend…just pick one thing and do it until it is done.

Even if it is the only thing you get done in the day…it is something to celebrate and feel good about.
brave girls club - one thing at a time

And friend…make sure you do celebrate when you finish something. Sometimes our list is so long that we don’t feel like we have accomplished anything unless we have accomplished everything. This can leave us feeling so defeated, burnt out and discouraged. We have to stop and give ourselves a pat on the back for each task we accomplish throughout the day…and whenever we can, work on one thing until it is completely done.Life is too full sometimes, it just is. We have to find ways to thrive anyway. If we have things on our plate that don’t even matter, we should always work to let those things go so that we have time for the things that do matter. For today though, choose one thing…and feel so good when that thing is completed..

Your life is important and you are so very loved.