Dear Dedicated Girl,

Sometimes you just have to decide that you have had enough. Sometimes you just have to make that completely solid decision that enough is enough and that things absolutely, positively have to change….and you have to make that decision before anything else can happen.

And sometimes…you have to hit a pretty rock hard place to finally get to that decision…to finally get to that place where things are painful enough that you will do anything to change them.

You see, you have to DECIDE that you are DONE feeling rotten, or you are done getting treated badly, or you are done being taken advantage of, or you are done being overweight, or you are done doing a job that you can’t stand. And you are the only one who can really decide that for you.
So, dear girl, thank those times that get you to that place. Thank the rock hard places that wake you up and make you finally decide that enough is enough. Instead of cursing those experiences and those times in your life…thank them for getting you to finally decide to do the right, but difficult things that will get you to where you want to be.

Because once you decide…..everything changes. Once you decide to finally believe the truth that you are as valuable and important as everyone else…that happiness is meant for you too….that your soul has always been meant for peace…..once you decide, you can do it.

It won’t be easy…but staying where you don’t belong is far more difficult. When enough is enough…… brave and listen to your soul….listen to Truth. Go where the peace is.

You are so very loved…..especially in these rock hard times.
You can do this.