Dear Valuable Girl,

We all crave kindness from the center of our souls. There is something healing, beautiful and necessary about kindness, isn’t there?

What if the kindest thing you could ever do for YOURSELF is to simply LET YOURSELF be happy, to LET YOURSELF enjoy your life, to LET YOURSELF be who you are, to LET YOURSELF BE.

Instead of beating yourself up over every decision, every flaw, every mistake, every little tiny picked-apart lack of perfection…


…what if you just LET YOURSELF BE OK?

This is something that no one else can do for you, sweet friend. LET YOURSELF BE. Give yourself a break. Give yourself some grace. Give yourself some kindness.

Look yourself in the eyes and simply say, I am giving you permission to BE — and not just to BE but to BE AWESOME, TO BE HAPPY, TO BE EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE.

You are so kind to others. Turn it around and give some of your beautiful love to your own soul. You need it, friend. You are worth it. And you are meant to have it.

You are so very loved.