Dear Pacing Girl,

You might think that you are not getting very far on your journey through life. You may think you have not really made any progress at all. Dear girl, it’s so hard to see the road we have traveled when the sky is foggy and the day is long and we are exhausted.

Even if you’ve only gone a few steps a day, you’ve made so much progress. This is true.

If you just look back, friend, and really be honest with yourself…really really really look and see just what you’ve done and just where you’ve been and just what you’ve traveled through….you will see that you have made quite an epic journey already in life. You may not be where you had planned, you may not even know quite where you are at the moment, but dear soul, you have traveled just the road you were meant to travel and you have arrived today exactly where you were meant to arrive.

Please give yourself some credit. Please sit for a moment and take a rest and really think about how far you have come. Just for today don’t think about how much further there is to go…but only how far you have already come. See how amazing you are?

You really ARE amazing.
And you are so very very very loved.