Dear Courageous Girl,

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we wanted them to turn out…no matter how much we have prayed, no matter how much we have planned, no matter how good we have behaved, no matter how much we have done all of the right things.

What do we do when things are different than we want them to be, beautiful friend?

The thing to remember is that so much suffering comes when we resist the way things are. Such deep pain comes when we go to war with how things have turned out. Sometimes we think that accepting something we don’t want means that we are giving up….so we fight it….even if it can never be changed, we fight it.

What if we cooperated with the way things are instead of fought the way things are? What if we took a good hard look and got really honest about every detail of how things are and then decided to hold hands with it and cooperate with it?

let life be

Life is FULL of disappointments and blows to the stomach. After we have done all that we can…sometimes all that is left is to bravely accept what is true about right now. Until we accept the way things are, we are kind of trapped trying to change things that can never be changed…and this can keep us going round and round and round but really going nowhere.

You are brave enough…you are strong enough…..

You are so very loved.