Dear Extraordinary Girl,

You may have tried to fit in, and tried again, and then still again. You may have even “toned it down” enough for a while that you actually DID fit in, but it made your heart hurt and you just couldn’t betray yourself for very long. Then, there you were again, standing out instead of fitting in — just standing there being exactly who you are.

It is not easy to be true to yourself. Sometimes it is a very lonely road, and a very bumpy road.

It is always so much better to be true to who YOU are than to try to be true to what everyone else is. If every funky little daisy in the flower garden spray painted herself red so she could hang out with the roses, the world wouldn’t have any variety at all, and what a sad sad sad life for that sunshiny, spunky free-spirited daisy. She was born to be a daisy, after all. And guess what? the other flowers want her to be a daisy, too. Daisies are WONDERFUL.
Be courageous enough to boldly live your own truth. When you do, you light up from the inside and illuminate everything and everyone in your path. And you will be happy.

It is so beautiful!!! YOU are so beautiful!!!! See it! Be it!!! BE YOU.

You are so very very very spectacular,
and so very very very loved.