Dear Brave Girl,

It starts with that first scary step…that step that we sometimes spend years avoiding and putting off…that step we often tell ourselves we will finally take ‘tomorrow’.

What is so scary about that first step?

Let’s put it into perspective and look at what it really is. It’s just a step, lovely. Just a step. And you don’t even have to decide right now if you will take the next step after the first one.

Just commit to that first scary step. It doesn’t matter if your first step is clumsy or looks ridiculous or if it doesn’t get you as far as you thought it would. It doesn’t matter what others think. It doesn’t matter if you fall that first time. It doesn’t matter.

You know you want to take that step or it wouldn’t be burning in your heart the way it is now…the way it has been for so long.

Brave Girls Club - Daily Truth - TAKE THE LEAP

One thing is for sure. You can stop after you take that first step, or you can take another one, and then another. You get to choose.

Remember that without taking that first step, you will NEVER get to where you truly want to be because you will still be where you are NOW.

You are so brave. You can do it.

You are so loved.