Dear Inspiring Girl,

Try for the next 24 hours to say yes to whatever lessons life is handing you. 

Say yes to crazy things that have shown up that you weren’t expecting, but that you know are meant just for you. Say yes to the opportunity to love unconditionally, even if it is difficult. Say yes to the opportunity to forgive another, even if it has seemed impossible. Say yes to the things that are creating resistance, because they are making you stronger. Say yes to a disappointment that you wish would have turned out the way you wanted it to…and say yes to what is going to show up in its place.

We bring ourselves so much pain and suffering when we resist the flow of life…when we try to paddle upstream or walk DOWN an escalator that is going UP.

When we can stop and accept the things that we can not change…accept them just as they are….without conditions or expectations…we are free from so many unpleasant things. After we have done all we can, we need to just let things go, and even say yes to the lessons they are bringing to our lives. It is silly and futile when we continue to hold on to the belief that we have control over things that we can never control….outcomes, people, etc.

Trust is powerful. Trust life as it is happening. Let go of any attachments to any specific outcomes. Trust the One who made you, and the plans that are meant for you. Love unconditionally and forgive freely.

we find peace when we surrender - yellow flowersC’mon…..just for 24 hours…you can do anything for 24 hours. Chances are…you will love the way this feels so much that you will stick with it even longer. Isn’t it worth a try?

You are so loved, never forgotten and never alone.