Dear Forgiving Girl,

Almost nothing feels worse than carrying around a grudge. It is a bitter taste and a stinging pain and a heavy load that no one else can see, but that clings to us without a rest from it until we finally decide to put it down, wish it well and walk away. Even better, bury it first.

Forgiveness is often difficult because endings are not always clean and neat, and we like clean and neat endings. Often we hold on to something because somewhere in our hearts, we are hoping that somehow, somewhere, in some way there can finally be a way to make a clean and neat ending. Forgiveness requires a bit of grieving and accepting the “death” of what we may have hoped could be but wasn’t, and isn’t, and maybe can never be. Forgiveness lets us create a proper, dignified burial of the hope that we had in that clean ending and lets us say goodbye to it in a gentle, kind and powerful way.

to forgive everyone for everything


Often we don’t forgive because we feel like whatever or whoever we are forgiving does not “deserve” our forgiveness. But, beautiful soul, it is not about the who or the what. It is about YOU and YOUR soul and how your back aches and your soul aches from carrying that yuckiness around with you everywhere.

Today is a great day to finally let it go. Say goodbye to it and let it go.

Ahhhhh — doesn’t that feel good?

You are so very very very loved.