Dear Needful Soul,

It’s hard to remember that we can’t be much good to anyone at all if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Even though there may be people all around us who need help, who need assistance, who need advice, who need a hug, who need a friend, who need a clean towel, who need a sandwich…..
…we’ve all got to have the energy to do these things each day, and we cannot expect our bodies to carry us forward without recharging.
We cannot expect our mind to have fresh ideas and our hearts to have patience.
We have to refill ourselves.
brave living - brave girls club - rest is not optional
Just like we are told on an airplane before a flight…before reaching out to help another, we must have our own oxygen masks on.

It is not taking anything away from anyone else when we take some time to catch our breath, recharge, restore and remember.

We must.

This weekend, take time to take care of yourself….you are so important.

And you are loved.