Dear Lovely Soul,

Can you imagine how boring and lifeless and soulless the world would be if we all looked alike?

It is a beautiful plan for our world that includes all different kinds of flowers and trees and rocks and different colors of soil…even a different sunset every single night.

That’s the way people are too. We are meant to be a beautiful part of the creation….in all of our diversity and variety and unique beautiful-ness.

Human beings are beautiful. You are a human being who is different than ANY person who has ever been born or ever will be born. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that we should all look a certain way or be a certain size.It is mixed up to believe that humans are not just right unless they are some perfect ideal that doesn’t even exist.Don’t let anyone tell you or ever make you think that you are not a beautiful masterpiece…and don’t let anyone be in your presence and let themselves think that they are also a masterpiece…just right just the way they are.You are so so loved. Don’t ever forget it.