Dear Spectacular Soul,

The world shows us a brand of ‘normal’ that is pretty much unachievable. Be careful what you allow in your life from the media and from what is sold to us as the ideal life, the ideal body, or the ideal relationship. You are here as a soul in a body, here to learn lessons for your own growth. Often what is constantly in front of our faces deceives us, distracts us and discourages us from our own path.

Models are photoshopped and social lives are exaggerated and extravagant lifestyles are made the norm (seemingly for everyone but us). Ask yourself if any of this truly matters to you and your beautiful soul.

Just get quiet, friend. Ask yourself what is beautiful and true. 

Ask yourself what matters to YOU.

Ask yourself what is of lasting value…what will bring the most joy and peace into your life.

Then be brave enough to go after THOSE answers, even if they are the opposite of what ‘they’ say is right. You get to decide what kind of life will help your soul to grow most, and what ways you can help others most.

Your instincts are right. Your heart is good. You really do know the answers. You are not the only one who feels the way you feel. 

You are brave, strong, and beautiful, and you get to choose the kind of life you want to have, even if it isn’t found on Pinterest or in a magazine.

Be kind to yourself.

You are so very loved,