Dear Beautiful Girl,

Sometimes we have no idea how much our lives impact the lives of others. Certainly we should not often make decisions based on what others think we should do, and should always follow our own hearts and guts…our own paths, but something that is also important to think about is how we are able to help others keep going by simply keeping ourselves going.

Life is kind of like a big long marathon, and when others are running in front of us, behind us, and alongside us, it makes it easier for us to keep going too. In the same way…others are seeing you as an inspiration and motivation to keep going.

Brave Girls Club -keep going beautiful girl

When we think about quitting, dear souls, let’s think about the others who have watched us keep going and how that has helped them to keep going too. When we are having a hard time being brave…let’s think about the others who have been able to be brave because we have been brave. These things can help us all to keep being brave, for ourselves and for each other. We all help each other in so many more ways than we know. We need each other…we need to take good care of each other. Let’s do that.

If it feels right and true, keep going, beautiful soul. Your fellow life-travelers are rooting for you, and you have so much more support than you can see.

You are so very loved.