Dear Magnificent, Marvel of a Girl,

If ever you doubt that you are important or that you are loved…

or that you matter…
or that you are known…
or that there is a plan for you…
…please dear girl, look around for beautiful evidence of all of it all and you will be sure to find it.

In a world that is constantly trying to make us forget…please, dear friend, be one of the brave ones who notice the love that has gone into every creation around us.

Sometimes we forget what the sky looks like, or how flowers come every single Spring, no matter what.

Sometimes we forget that the sun goes down at night and then comes right back up to give us a brand new day, every single day.
Sometimes we forget that there are people around us that we might not even know who wish us the best just because we are alive.
Sometimes we forget that there is air to breathe, and plenty of it, and that we get to breathe in as much of it as we want, whenever we want to.
Sometimes we forget to watch how the trees sway back and forth in the breeze as if they are saying hello every time we walk by.

Sometimes we forget all of the incredible color that is all around us, in every form imaginable.

Sometimes we forget that ALL of the beauty, truth and light is there for us…every single day…just for us.

brave girls club - you are loved the evidence is all around you

It feels good to be loved, doesn’t it?

You really truly and absolutely are so very very very loved, every day.