Dear Forgetful Girl,You are brilliant, you are lovely, you are funny and unique and interesting, but sometimes you are so very very forgetful, dear one.

At times, you seem to just forget your amazing, gentle power, your purpose, and you seem to forget all of the reasons that your life is so different than the lives of others. You forget your strength, your bravery, and you forget all of the things that you have already done, been through, learned, earned and taught others.
The good news is – forgetting is easy to fix…all that you have to do is remember. Take a little bit of time, wonderful friend, to look yourself right in the eye and help yourself remember some of these important things. Remind yourself about all of the places you have already traveled through, all of the things you have survived, all of the mountains you have climbed and all of the lessons you have learned. Then you will remember that whatever comes, you will make it through that too.

See? You are one phenomenal woman, and you’ve always been one amazing girl.

Glad you are starting to remember.

You are so very loved.