Dear Done Girl,

If life is happening to you, instead of you making you life happen with the choices you most want to make…take heart…you really can change that. You get to decide when to be done doing life the way you’ve been doing it. You get to choose to do it in a new way.

Once you truly decide that you are done living in a way that is not best for your soul, you will be able to be done. You’ve got to get to that day when you wake up and say…TODAY IS THE DAY THAT I AM DONE LIVING THIS WAY. That’s the hardest part…the deciding. Once you decide, you take one step after another toward where you want to be, and then you get there. Today is a great day to decide.

Even if you don’t want to…go do the things that you know are the right things. Do the hard things, do the boring things, do the uncomfortable things. Do the things that make you sweat and make your muscles ache. Do the things that cause you to give up something good for something better. Not very many worthwhile things just show up on our doorstep without us doing our part. The more you do those things, the easier it becomes to do them….and it leads to a really great life. Do your part. Show up. Do the things that are the right things.

brave girls club - I am done living on auto pilot

Only you can decide, dear soul…no one can do it for you. The deciding is the most important part, and then sticking with that decision. You are not powerless! Today is a great day to decide.

You are meant for so much more than living on auto-pilot.

You are so very loved.