Dear Good-Hearted Girl,

If we all looked back, each of us probably have at least one memory of an experience where someone’s kindness saved the day for us.

Maybe it was as simple as someone looking you in the eye and really seeing you….maybe it was someone noticing that you were having a hard day…maybe it was someone listening…maybe it was someone being happy for you….maybe it was someone pointing out something wonderful about you that you didn’t think they noticed.

When we have the chance to do something kind or good…we really should just do it. Sometimes we think we have to plan elaborate occasions to show kindness and compassion, when just about every day there are opportunities that come up that allow us sprinkle some goodness in little doses that often don’t take more than a moment, but that make a world of difference to both the person we are gifting with our kindness and to ourselves.

We are both changed in the process.

You are a good soul, beautiful friend…and your kindness is a big deal. Your kindness is important, your good heart is a gift. Please don’t ever think that there is a time when your good deed or your kind word or your listening ear is not significant…it is. Please take the chance whenever you can….it will change everything.

Thank you for being who you are. You are absolutely beloved.

lets be good to each other