Dear Growing Soul,

It is so good and wise to take our experiences and extract the helpful wisdom from them.

Extract the useful lessons…and then let the rest go.

When things go wrong…it doesn’t mean that you are all wrong as human being. When we have bad experiences, it doesn’t mean that we are bad.

All are experiences FULL of opportunities to grow us, shape us, strengthen us, and pull us closer to the truth of who we are.

It’s much like that mush that a caterpillar turns into before it becomes a butterfly. Our times as mush are not the same as our neighbors’. We sometimes grow our wings and then our wings are taken and we have to grow them again. Every time this happens, we learn more. We become more and more. We get to do this so many times throughout our lives. Isn’t this a miracle?

Look at who you have become from all the things you’ve made it through. You are precious, brave, and growing stronger all the time. Let go of what is heavy – let go of what is no longer helping you to grow. You don’t have to suffer anymore. You don’t have to hold it anymore. You get to be wise now. You get to be happy now.

You are so very loved.