Dear Healing Girl,

Keep trying. Keep at it. Keep believing. Keep showing up. (especially when you don’t want to)

When it gets tough….give yourself a little break while telling yourself that as soon as the break is over…it’s time to keep trying, keep at it, keep believing and keep showing up.

There is not really an easy solution or fast road to the deepest work of life…it is just all about showing up day after day and doing what you can with each day and then letting the rest go. It’s about making every day a brand new day and continuously sorting sorting sorting what is good from what is best….and only choosing what is best.
Don’t you dare quit, sweet friend. You have come too far and done too much work to quit now. Stop and have some fun, stop and take a break…notice the goodness along the way……but just don’t quit.

It’s going to be worth it. You will see.

You are so very loved.