Dear Extraordinary Girl,

There are all kinds of heroes and heroines. If we are really honest with ourselves, the kinds of heroes and heroines that inspire us and motivate us the most are the real life every day heroes and heroines.

Something that every heroine has in common is that she has overcome and she continues to overcome. Heroines don’t have lives where everything goes perfectly or where everything is easily handed to her. A heroine doesn’t have everything figured out every day….but she does either look for ways to accomplish what needs to be accomplished, or she creates ways to accomplish the important things.

A heroine is a girl who keeps on keeping on. She fights battles in her mind and heart to overcome her own limitations and she uses what she has to make the best of her life.

Do you see, dear friend…that YOU are a heroine?

There was a time when we were young that we thought the princesses and the moviestars were the heroines of the world. As we become wise women, we can truly look around and see that it is EACH OTHER who are the heroines.

Your life is so important and you inspire more people than you could ever know, just by being you…just by being brave…just by living your life to the best of your ability day after day. You are seen, you are celebrated…you are amazing.

Please keep being heroic you.
You are so very loved.