Dear Patient Girl,

Every so often, people we love act out of character. Kind people sometimes behave in short and terse and cold ways. Dependable people sometimes drop the ball. Happy people are sometimes sad and quiet. Nurturing people are sometimes hard to connect with.

When a relationship matters to us, friend….it is important to give that relationship the grace and patience that it deserves, especially when things are happening that are out of character. ALL OF US have days, weeks and even months when we simply are not ourselves and when our light is dim and when all we can do it just get through the day.

You deserve this kind of grace too, brave girl. Please don’t beat yourself up when you are in a time in your life that you are not feeling or behaving your best. These times pass…for all of us.

Give some grace today….give some patience today. Remember that there is often a very good reason for behaviors that are not the usual…often there is a story or an experience or a big worry or stress behind it. The last thing we all need when we are already dealing with difficult times is to feel judged…what we need most is a big hug and a listening ear….or maybe even some space for a while.

Giving grace to ourselves and others feels right and good. We don’t want to feel the pain of saying or doing things we regret when we are reacting to behaviors that are out of character…instead, give the benefit of the doubt, remember how this person really is…remember how YOU really are. It will be worth it. It is always worth it to invest in those we love most….including our own selves.

You are loved…so very very very loved. Please believe it and then please help those you love to believe it too.