Dear Doing-Your-Best Girl,

Because there are only so many hours in a day, and because we are all simply human, and because there is just no possible way that we can ever do everything that we want to do, and especially do EVERYTHING well — we must make choices.

Some of the hardest, most difficult choices we will ever have to make are the choices between two things that we want very much and that both bring good and happiness into our lives. Sometimes we only have time for ONE of those things. This is one of the hardest parts of life.

The very best things in life almost always require sacrifice, and we must always carefully choose how to spend our time, who to spend it with, and what to spend our time doing.

Please don’t beat yourself up when you have to say no, or even when you have to walk away. Remember that what you are ACTUALLY doing is saying YES to what is most important. Life’s seasons change, and someday there may be more time. But if all of your most important things are taking up everything you’ve got right now, please let yourself say no to everything else.

Brave Girls Club - You get to's okay to say no (or yes)

Choosing what is most important is brave and noble.

Be still and think about it for a while, sweet friend. And remember that you get to decide — always always always.

You are so loved.