Dear Benevolent Girl,

You can imagine that there are parts of your life and your body that will be there as long as they are still being fed….and once they stop being fed, they will wither away and die.

Now, dear friend, this is good news and it is harsh news as well….but mostly, this is very very very wonderful news. Because you see, once we stop feeding our fears, or our addictions, or our bad habits…once we stop throwing our daily bread out to the things that are there to suck out our life force…..they have nothing left to thrive on. So many of the parts of our lives that we do not feel happy about are really much like a parasite…leaching on to us and taking taking taking, in order to stay alive, but not giving much back. THOSE are the things that we’ve got to stop feeding.

Then there are the things that we cherish…the things that we adore and the things that we miss and long for. The things that give life to us the bigger they grow. We wonder where they went or why they aren’t as brilliantly lit or full of life as they used to be…..relationships, hobbies, the strength of our body, the sparkle in our eyes….our faith, our passion…..sometimes we forget that we have to feed things in order for them to thrive…and sometimes we see that we are feeding the exact wrong things and starving the things we want the most.
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There is only so much of you, darling. There are only so many hours. Life is such a beautiful gift and choice is one of the biggest gifts wrapped up inside of life. Every day we get to choose what to feed, and at the same time…we get to choose to starve, what we do not want to take over our lives.

Please feed the good things and starve the destructive things. Feed the things that will feed you back instead of suck the life out of you.

You deserve the kind of life that happens when you do this. You are loved beyond any kind of measure and you matter more than you know.

Be so good to you.

You are so very loved.