Dear Knowing Girl,

When we take just a few minutes to do something that really matters to us, we can have wonderful memories in just a few minutes. When we fill a whole day with things we love, we can have a wonderful day. When we fill a whole day with things that we don’t care much about, things that make us feel anxious and things that chip away at us….it makes for a very weary day.

The thing is, beautiful friend….it seems like a day is just a day, and it doesn’t matter much or have much consequence. The fact is though…a day strung to another day and another day and another day ends up being a month, and then a year….and then a lifetime.

So, dear sister….what we fill our minutes with turn into what we fill our days with. What we fill our days with turn to what we fill our months with…..and then our whole year is filled with that. Pretty soon…it’s a whole decade of that.

So….fill it with good things. Be intentional about what fills your time and your ears and your belly and your appointment book. Be intentional about what your eyes see and what your hands touch and who gets to be in your space.

Because we get into habits and before we know it, a few good days have turned into a very good life….or a few “off” days have turned into a very “off” life. We can always turn it around, but EVERY DAY MATTERS…every minute matters, every decision matters. YOUR LIFE MATTERS.

This is quite an important life you are building, sister. Be good to it. Be good to you.

You are so very loved.