Dear Just-Right Girl,

Every age has its gifts. Every decade brings new opportunities. Every season of your life has its own purpose.

Try not to wish your years away, wishing you were younger, or older, wishing the signs of aging would go away, or wishing you could get through this phase of your life in a flash.

The world needs more women who embrace their wrinkles, or who love their time at home when their children are small, or who know the power of wisdom gained through being alive for so many years, and who are absolutely comfortable in their skin. The world needs more women who sing through life’s winters, who dance even though their bodies jiggle, who count the laugh lines as decades of wonderful memories.

We are women. We are brave and we are beautiful and we are real. Let’s be happy exactly where we are, now and at every age. When we can adore each phase of our own life, we give each other encouragement to do the same–wrinkles, cellulite, crying children, loads of laundry, bifocals, and all.


You are absolutely gorgeous and your heart is even more stunning. Don’t ever forget it.

You are so loved.