Dear Valuable Girl,

Beautiful Friend, do you ever sometimes wonder where YOU went….you know, the real, authentic you?

That is a painful question to ask, and to feel….because when we get to the point that we are actually asking that question, we already feel so disconnected from ourselves that we sometimes can’t even remember who we were to begin with.

Take a deep breath, amazing you. Take another deep, deep breath. Feel that breath fill your lungs and expand your chest…..
You are still there. You are. Life experiences may have covered up your sparkle…your joy might feel like it’s buried under a mountain of pain…but YOU are still in there. If you’ve been on autopilot by simply pushing the survive button…and life has felt like a dull repeat day after day….it’s just because things are covering up YOU.

It takes some work…some discovery. It takes some bravery and some asking of questions. It takes some time and sometimes it takes some tears. But, dear YOU….you are still there. Your light is still there, your sparkle is still there, your joy is still there.

…and all of it is worth fighting for. YOU are worth fighting for. So…start with a conversation with yourself. Remind yourself of what has brought you joy in the past, of what you have learned, overcome…of all of the journeys that brought you to now.

Let yourself be found. Go in search of you. Stop the rushing and hurrying and craziness and go in search of you. Do whatever it takes to rescue her out from under all of the stuff that’s burying her. It is not fun to be buried and it is no way to live. Go on a rescue mission for YOU.

You are worth fighting for….and you are so very very very loved.