Dear Spectacular Girl,

In a world that keeps telling us that there must always be more, it is hard to ever feel like WE are enough, like we have enough, like we do enough, like there will be enough when all is said and done, especially when MORE MORE MORE seems to be the constant screaming message.

Just rest in the truth, sweet friend, that you are enough right now. You have done enough today, and you did enough yesterday. You have enough today and you had enough yesterday. There is enough love to go around and there is enough success to go around and there are enough dreams to go around. There are enough ideas to go around. There is enough for everyone, including you.
You know the truth, beautiful girl. So don’t let the lie of NEVER ENOUGH destroy what should be a beautiful season for you. And since you know the truth, you can let others around you know that they are enough, too.

Rest in the truth. Breathe it in. Pass it on. Spread the kindness message of ENOUGH, everywhere you go. But most of all, let it penetrate into your heart. Give yourself some grace, and give all the grace you can to those around you. Receive the grace, too, and always seek out and go where the peace is.

You are so full of goodness, and you are SO LOVED.