Dear Stunning Girl,

What does truth feel like? Truth feels good and peaceful and warm, even when the truth is a hard reality. Truth is peace and truth is light being shed on the darkness. Truth eliminates the confusion and loves the beauty of life….in all of its forms.

Think of a time when you knew FOR SURE, for sure, for sure, for SURE that you were experiencing truth. Think of that feeling……..that peace….that knowing. 

When you are in a place where you have very difficult decisions to make….especially during those times when BOTH decisions mean something very very good or BOTH decisions mean something very very difficult……..remember the way that TRUTH feels.

Live your truth. Speak your truth. Embrace your truth. CARRY YOUR TRUTH with you and try your VERY HARDEST to never let anything or anyone sway you away from your truth. If your truth is hard to find…seek it out, do whatever it takes to hold hands with your truth.

Your truth is one of the only things that is truly yours….you have your truth, you have your story, and you have choice. Please use them all wisely.

You are incredibly brave and absolutely beautiful….don’t ever forget it. You are so very loved.