Dear Soulful Girl,

From the time that we are very young, we are confronted with the challenge of knowing how to deal with very good things happening to other people, but not necessarily to us, at least not those exact things, and rarely at that exact time.

Jealousy is a vicious beast that can steal our own joy away, and we are best to put a stop to it just as soon as we become aware of those kinds of feelings welling up in our hearts.

You see, what we often do is compare our very “worst” parts to everyone else’s “best” parts in life, creating a situation that has no good ending. Comparing hardly ever has a good ending, as a matter of fact.

A great tip for a happy life is to always be happy at other’s good fortune, young-looking enetics, or big breaks in life. Avoid comparing your situations, houses, husbands, diamonds, jeans size with anyone else’s. Jealousy goes away when we practice gratitude for the blessings in our own life, and when we celebrate the blessings in other’s lives. There are not many acts of love greater than being genuinely happy for another’s good fortune when our own luck is down.

Be happy. Just decide. You are just right, and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

You are so loved.