Dear Smart Girl,

Once upon a time, every great thing that EVER happened started out as just an idea, a thought, a WHAT IF?

Your favorite song was just a tune that someone couldn’t get out of their head, so they wrote it down and worked on it until it was a song and then released it out into the world. Your favorite book was the idea of somebody somewhere who had a story to document, and they wrote and wrote and wrote until the book was done. We talk on cell phones, we drive amazing vehicles, we see national monuments, we participate in worthwhile organizations. ALL OF THOSE THINGS started out as just an idea.

And then someone kept going until the idea was a reality.

So please don’t get caught up in thinking, beautiful girl, that your dreams, hopes and ambitions don’t matter, that your ideas are dumb or unattainable. Please remember that pretty much everything you put to use on a daily basis came about because someone had an idea and followed through on it. What if they hadn’t have followed through on it? What if they had been too afraid? THINK OF ALL OF THE THINGS that we would all be missing out on right now if the ideas of others never had a chance to be born.

Let your ideas be born, friend.
If it feels like it’s time, it probably is.

You can do this.

You are brilliant and very very loved.